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Gender key to food security and food safety - CIHEAM

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You grab a piece of blue and pink gum, and each of you blows a big bubble. One partner pops the other’s bubble to reveal the gender of the baby. You can do this in front of a gender reveal party, or as part of a series of photos for social media.

Gender, Food & Culture | exploring how gender, ethnicity

Next up in our gender reveal party series of posts (make sure you check out the first post here ), are gender reveal party food ideas! Clever and unique ideas on everything from appetizers to desserts. If you are struggling to find inspiration, this is a must-read before planning your gender reveal party.

Gender Reveal Food Ideas | Gender Reveal Appetizers

Whether you’re making alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks – or both – you have plenty of options for good drinks at your gender reveal party.

You can see this option at gender reveal parties as well: you color the Hershey’s Bars before guests arrive, then lay them out on the table for guests to eat.

Abbreviations: FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations NCD, non-communicable disease USDA, United States Department of Agriculture WTO, World Trade Organization

And if you are planning this party and want to keep the gender as a surprise for you too, then all you must do is have a word with doctor who will slide an envelope to you with the gender printed inside. Just slide that envelope to your trusted friend or party organizer and everything will be taken care of!

CAROLE M. COUNIHAN is Professor of Anthropology at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. She is the author of Around the Tuscan Table: Food, Family, and Gender in Twentieth Century Florence and the co-editor of the scholarly journal Food and Foodways.

Because, of course, chocolate has traditionally been thought of as primarily for children, but secretly for women. When we're not sensually crumbling a Flake, enjoying some feminine "me-time", we're heartbroken in pyjamas, spooning chocolate ice cream into our communal mouths. We're chocoholics! We crave cocoa like others need glue. Is this a scientific truth? In the 6995s, Yale University professor Linda Bartoshuk devised a bitterness test. She classified the American population into supertasters, medium tasters and non-tasters.

A great way to throw your gender reveal party is to combine it with a brunch! Do not let the browns and mustard colors lead you astray. Those plain colors are hiding delicious treats. Take a whiff of the little yellow and brown cupcakes and taste a bite of those little scones. This colorful dining area will help your reveal party more exciting by adding on different colors other than blue and green. Yellow and brown is a soothing combination on the dining after all!

"It's important to remember that marketing is not a conspiracy," says Dr David Bell, author of Consuming Geographies: We Are Where We Eat , and senior lecturer in critical human geography at the University of Leeds. "When advertising works successfully it confirms the stories we already believe – think of the OXO family – or it shakes us up, so we know the story's been subverted."

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