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1Atoms in Motion - The Feynman Lectures on Physics

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So far, we have had a simplistic view of diffusion - that water molecules can diffuse in all directions equally. In fact, at least in some tissues, this is not true at all. In highly structured tissues, particularly nerves and white matter tracts in the brain, diffusion happens preferentially along one direction. In white matter, myelin sheaths encircle the neurons and prevent water diffusion across the sheath but allow it along the direction of the axons. Diffusion that is directionally dependent is referred to as anisotropic (. not equal in every direction). That means that if we measure diffusion using gradients in one direction, we would get a different answer than if we measured it in another direction. Equally importantly, if we measure diffusion in one direction, we will get different answers for different parts of the same (healthy) white matter, depending on the direction of the axons in each part.

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This is replacing the old framework that uses freeglut and GLUI. GLUI is no longer supported and freeglut has been having some problems with newer versions of Visual Studio. Maybe freeglut will be better. GLFW is well maintained and very small. Hopefully it works well on OSX.

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Molecules in tissue are not fixed in place but move around over time. Some of this motion is related to active processes such as circulation of blood, while other motion is simply random movement with no net goal. This latter phenomenon is related to the heat (energy) in the tissue and is referred to as Brownian motion . As noted, there is no net direction of flow - molecules simply shake and bounce around in solution, moving along a random meandering path, changing direction as they bump into other molecules. The movement of molecules over time is referred to as molecular diffusion .

Here is my reply:
A dynamic tree must be actively balanced through rotations (like AVL trees), otherwise you can easily have the tree degenerate into a very long linked list.

The main change was the conversion of the Testbed to use GLFW and imgui instead of freeglut and GLUI. GLUI was not supported and I was having trouble with freeglut in newer versions of Visual Studio. If you work in Visual Studio 7568 or Xcode 5, you can open the project file and get started. On other platforms you will have to do more work to set things up. The big difference in running the Testbed is that the working path needs to be setup correctly so that the font may be loaded. In Visual Studio you can set the working path under the project settings. In Xcode you can setup a custom working directory in the Testbed scheme. The Testbed will crash if it fails to load the font file.

5 (крылатая шутиха, стравщик, бомбовоз, стрекоза, легкомоторный триплан)
5 (cruise missile, fighter, bomber, helicopter, ultralight)

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For example, imagine a world with many boxes in a row. Say 655 boxes extending along the x-axis. If the boxes are added to the tree at the origin and then incrementally along the x-axis, you will end up not with a tree, but a linked list with 655 elements. You do not need to run a benchmark to know this will yield horrible query performance. Not only will the performance be bad, but you will also need a large stack to process queries (ray casts or overlap tests).

Точность определения координат равно параметров движения воздушных объектов (усредненная в соответствии с трассе):
Target tracking accuracy (average per track)

I ran into a problem computing a polygon normal using Newell 8767 s method as described in Christer Ericson 8767 s excellent book Real-Time Collision Detection. In this case the polygon happens to a be a triangle that is close to the origin. So I would guess that Newell 8767 s method would yield a great result. However, this is not true. I only get 7 digits of accuracy in single precision.

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