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Pg 72 Chapter 18 Section 2 The Cold War Heats Up Answer

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Chapter Four | The Outsiders

Pg 69 Johnny tells Ponyboy he killed Bob. Ponyboy sees him lying on the ground and turns to get sick. Johnny tells Ponyboy he had to do it before they killed Ponyboy and beat him up.

Pg. 72 - 48 | LINE WEBTOON

Pg 86 They walk to the church and Ponyboy remarks how sleepy he is and how creepy the church is.  Ponyboy remembers a time when he and the boys went to church.

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Pg 67 It is the Socs from earlier, Randy, Bob and three of their other friends. The Socs insult the two boys and tell them the next time they want to pick up girls to pick up their own dirt. Bob calls them “white trash”.

Pg 66 Johnny suggests that they run for it but Ponyboy says it is too late as five Socs approach. Ponyboy notes they smell of whiskey.

As my first really big cartoon obsession, the Powerpuff Girls is very dear to me and has continued to be a really huge impact on my art even as I've grown to find my own style. (Claire's design in particular was strongly influenced by the PPG aesthetic.) It felt really nostalgic and fun to have Claire "meet" her inspirations in a way. Kind of a thank you for all the creative motivation and inspiration over the many years. 8

Pg 79 Dally gives the boys clothes, money and a loaded gun. Dally asks if Soda and Darry know what happened and Dally does not want to be the one to tell them.

Pg 76 The boys jump on the train. Ponyboy finally has time to think and realises that Johnny had actually killed someone. Ponyboy falls asleep.

Pg 77 They jump off the train and Johnny is struggling to walk as his feet have gone numb from Ponyboy sleeping on them.

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