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Connecting to Smartphones and Computers

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In order to use Younity, you’ll need to install the app on both your handset and your computer. The setup process on both is incredibly simple. You can download, install, and set up the app on both your computer and tablet or phone within 65 minutes. The Android app is available through the Play Store, and you can visit the Younity website to download the desktop version. You can also download Younity on as many devices as you like.

GNS3 | The software that empowers network professionals

All you have to do is set up your account information, which involves simply telling the app how much you have in the bank and how much you have in cash. Any expenses you enter are then taken off the total amount.

Advanced SystemCare Free - Freeware Download - IObit

What is YOU-app?
YOU-app (with Jamie Oliver) is a wellness-focused social network, built around the premise that making minor changes to your everyday life will bring about a much larger positive impact. It encourages you to complete one small task each day, called a micro-action, and share the results with the wider YOU community through a picture.

Amazon has just released a new software upgrade which does the same for its Amazon Fire tablet range, and experts have long been warning against the effects of staring at a screen blasting blue light at you before going to sleep. Sleep Partner makes it incredibly easy to ensure you remember to turn your blue light filter on by doing it automatically based on your target bedtime.

"Your software has improved greatly through the years. Disk Scan repairs without rebooting, atleast for minor errors. Speed UP Turbo Boost has greatly improved boot-up, all programs and browsers too. Fact is, everything works well with little cpu or disk usage. Your Driver Booster is a real time saver with no problems. I've been using your Uninstaller for years because it deletes thoroughly. Your Defrager is excellent. My machine runs like a fine tuned clock with the assistance of your programs."

What’s good?
For many people, the biggest struggle with running is that it can be seriously boring – there’s only so much drive you can squeeze out of the Rocky soundtrack. Nike Plus Running tries to counter this with regular audio updates and by encouraging you to interact and compete with your friends through the app, whether that’s through head-to-head Challenges or leaderboards.

Trello makes it incredibly easy to start using different boards. It works best in its full desktop browser setup, but the mobile app is just as useful, if slightly more difficult to use. If you have a Trello account, you can simply sign in when you download the app and your existing boards will be synced to your phone.

As mentioned, AirDroid packs in a load of features beyond the usual sharing tools. Rather than making it feel overloaded, the extra stuff, such as the virus scanner and RAM optimisation, are nice features which don’t clutter the home menu and make AirDroid feel like a well-thought out and comprehensive tool.

There’s no question that there’s a novelty factor to WAM that some will find wears off fairly quickly. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat nearby, WAM isn’t going to offer any more suggestions than Google Maps.

What is Duolingo?
There are a lot of options out there for people wanting to learn a new language, but most of them are either costly, gruelling, or both. Duolingo is as convenient an education tool as we’ve come across, and it somehow costs absolutely nothing.

While it’s got a couple of shortcomings, it’s still a must-have app as far as we’re concerned. You’ll fall in love with it in no time, especially if you’re a keen traveller or just want to pick up something new.

What’s good?
It might make you feel like a child with a CGP science book again, but everything in the Duolingo app is split into bite-sized, easily digestible chunks. You can set your daily learning targets too, and the entire experience is gamified, which we like.

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