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A tenant also commits a substantial breach by committing a series of breaches of the residential tenancy agreement, if the total effect of all the breaches is substantial.

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In a breach of contract case, the court can consider ordering specific performance as long as the innocent party asks for that remedy. This equitable remedy orders the breaching party to comply with the terms of the contract. This means that the breaching party will be required to do whatever the party originally promised to do.

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Yes. I would have gained $9,555 under our contract, but I would have expenses of $655 that I no longer have. This means that it will take $8,955 to bring me from where I now stand to where I would be if the contract hadn't been breached.

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A breach of contract claim is a common type of civil lawsuit. This type of lawsuit will arise when one contracting party fails to uphold the obligations due under the contract. When one party breaches the contract, the other party is often referred to as the innocent party. The innocent party can file a lawsuit and seek a legal remedy. A legal remedy is the method by which the court attempts to bring justice to, or compensate, the innocent party.

When lawyers talk about remedies in law, they are talking about money damages. For breach of contract cases, there are several different types of monetary remedies:

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If you've been named in a breach of contract lawsuit or believe another party has failed to honor its contractual obligations to your company, quite a bit may be at stake. Before deciding on how to proceed, it's advisable to first consult with an experienced small business attorney near you to discuss your options.

Specific Performance : This is when the court forces the breaching party to perform the service or deliver the goods that they promised in the contract. This is typically reserved for cases when the goods or services are unique and no other remedy will suffice.

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